Creating Value – Building on Strength

corporate overview

Granite is a Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (“REIT”) engaged principally in the acquisition, development, selective construction, leasing, management and ownership of a predominantly industrial global rental portfolio of properties in North America and Europe leased primarily to operating subsidiaries of Magna International Inc. We are a full service REIT with an international portfolio currently comprised of 92 properties.

Granite creates value for our clients and stakeholders by building on our significant strengths:

  • Our large, geographically diversified portfolio of properties gives us a broad perspective that supports the global position of our customers;
  • Our strong balance sheet and comparatively low leverage allows us the financial flexibility to pursue attractive business and strategic opportunities including real estate joint ventures;
  • Our strong track record of on-time and on-budget development and construction in all of our geographic markets gives our clients peace of mind;
  • Our experienced construction group, management team and members of our Board of Directors understand the building and infrastructure requirements of multifaceted tenants, making us ideally suited to assist our clients with their complex projects; and
  • Our entrepreneurial culture drives our employees and management to grow our business by serving the needs of our clients.